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Posted on December 15 2016

People often ask me why I always wear the same two necklaces all of the time. Even though I have access to tons of sweet jewellery styles at Groove Stone, these two pendants by Pyrrha are very special to me and you will never see me without them on.

Pyrrha talismans are inspired from authentic wax impressions and imagery from the Victorian Era. Each piece is designed to inspire the wearer with it's symbolic meaning.

Pictured above:

"Turning Tides" -- features three Crescent Moon's to represent renewal, positive change, & embracing each new day.

"Longevity, Happiness, and Good Luck" -- the three elephants on this shield represent those 3 ingredients for an exceptional life. I personally love that there are elephants on this talisman because it also reminds me of my travels throughout South East Asia.

Pyrrha is designed and handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada and we've been proudly featuring an extensive collection of Pyrrha in store since we opened in 2004.

We always have a great selection in store at Groove Stone but we also do custom orders. Pyrrha makes a wonderful gift. This is a great time to stop by the store to get your special orders in for Holiday Gift giving. This is also a great time to pick out a very special talisman for yourself.

Stephanie Adams,

Groove Stone

Owner & Founder 


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