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Posted on July 06 2015

There’s no better time than summer to get your colour on!  Whether you are on vacation, partying at festivals, or simply taking in those glorious sunny days, ‘tis the season to add a few shades of fun to your wardrobe.  If you are into neutrals and have a fear that you may end up looking like a raver in costume, start slow—A vibrantly hued handbag bag easily adds a pop of colour to your neutral outfit.  This season we are in love with the "citrus" colour handbags by Matt & Nat.

The Matt & Nat limited edition citrus colour is so fresh and.... juicy!  It's bright-- but just vivid enough to provide a perfect pop of colour for summer. Come winter, this same bright bag will make a stunning statement against your little black dress or neutral winter coat!

If you are looking to up the colour factor even more, try a brilliantly hued tank.  A colourful tank or shirt is an easy and inexpensive investment that pairs well with shorts, jeans, and skirts.  Here we combined a cute multi coloured tank (check out that adorable print!) with a citrus handbag, black maxi-skirt, and loads of mixed metal jewellery.


So if Bright is the new Black, what ABOUT wearing black WITH your brights? Some fashionista-types might advise against it... but WE love the contrast and the 80’s punk vibe of combining black with neon and other brights.  If you are worried though, grey, taupe & white also make for softer alternatives.

Ok, Groove Stone girls-- no excuses.  Summer is the season for colour!  Let's get our colour on and enjoy those bright sunny days! 


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